Forecaster Newsletters

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Summer 2021 edition

  • In-person Counseling Opening up in July

  • Is This Secondary Trauma?

  • Finding Happiness in the Post-shutdown Months Ahead

  • More About Far West Services

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Winter 2021 edition

  • Letting Go

  • COVID Guilt and Other Vexing Feelings

  • Parents' Guide to ADHD from the ChildMind Institute

  • Transitions: Going Back to School

  • Microaggression at Work

  • 7 Ways to Get Past Tough Situations Quickly

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Fall 2020 edition

  • Soothing a Stressed-out Body

  • Self-Care - Do More, Not Less, in Hard Times

  • Managing COVID Anxiety

  • Ten Things Teens Need You to Know

  • You Can Do This Hard Thing!

  • Helping Kids Succeed

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Back to School edition - September 2020

  • Welcome

  • Forecast on Mental Health Issues for the Next Three Months

  • Feeling Too Much Anxiety?

  • Coping with Panic Attacks

  • September is Suicide Prevention Month

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Winter 2020 edition

  • Belonging

  • The Dysregulated Child

  • Relationship Conflict 101

  • What Your Child Wants from Mom and Dad in a Divorce

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Fall 2019 edition

  • You Are Not Alone

  • Plan the Holidays You Would Like to Have

  • Environmental Doom

  • Millennials in the Workplace

  • To the Person Who Uses Metal Straws

  • How Can You Restore Someone's Trust in You?