Alcohol & Drug Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

To help families and friends of alcoholics recover from the effects of living with the problem drinking of a relative or friend

Alateen -
An Al-Anon recovery program for young people living with the problem drinking of a parent or friend. Alateen groups are sponsored by Al-Anon members.
A national directory for treatment and rehabilitation centers throughout the United States. Information on addiction and long-term recovery.

Washington State Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Directory
Find a listing of rehab centers in Washington state or other locations outside the state.

The Alcohol Awareness Council (ACA)
The latest alcohol research, studies and statistical data, brought to you by government agencies, academic institutions, news sources and awareness organizations. You will also find a wealth of alcohol-related resources, support groups, and help lines for those struggling with alcoholism.

Marijuana and Addiction Information
The National Institute on Drug Abuse
Learn more about the risks and side effects of marijuana for adults and teens.

CHANGES: Parent Support Network -
Changes is a support group for parents of acting-out adolescent and adult children. The group provides strength through the combined experiences and wisdom of parents sharing common problems and solutions related to substance abuse, violence, school failure, jail, suicide attempts, and running away. In the Puget Sound region. For more information call 206-406-6739.

Educational Connections
A service that helps families in Seattle and Portland identify appropriate educational and therapeutic options for kids with drug and alcohol addictions, mental health issues, and learning disabilities. Options include therapeutic wilderness programs, emotional growth schools, therapeutic boarding schools, drug and alcohol programs, residential treatment centers, and psychiatric facilities throughout the country.