Closing continued

  • Your EAP services are still available through the end of August—however, with some limitations. Due to the high demand for services and our limited staff of counselors (there's s shortage of counselors across the country) we may not be able to provide services to all who are eligible. In these cases, clients will be referred to their health insurance provider for assistance.

  • Our first priority is to ensure that clients who are currently seeing one of our counselors are able to complete their sessions by the end of August.

  • If your needs are long-term, we suggest you reach out to your health insurance provider to find a counselor on your plan, so that you can establish an ongoing relationship with a counselor who can work with you into the future. We highly recommend this for teenagers in serious distress. We may be able to help you with referrals.

  • We are currently fully booked through mid-June, so if you are in need of short-term counseling and your situation is not urgent, we will try to schedule you a few appointments in the summer months.

  • We will not be taking new clients after August 1st so that we can wrap up services for current clients. All current clients may schedule appointments through the end of August.

  • Note that all sessions will be provided on Zoom. If you would like us to help you find in-person counseling services, call the office during business hours.

What will happen to my counselor? Can I continue seeing them?

  • Most of our counselors will be continuing in private practice. Our hope is that they can get on the new EAP panels chosen by your districts. Those panels may take a few months to sort out, so keep in touch with your counselor if you wish to continue working with them after August.

  • Can I see my counselor this summer? If you haven’t used up your sessions for this year, and your counselor has room, yes, you can see your counselor. However, it may be for a limited number of sessions.

Who will be our new EAP provider?

  • Your district will inform you of your new EAP provider later in the summer.

  Have an urgent need?

  • The StressLine will still be available to you until the end of August. Call the Far West office any time during business hours if you need someone to talk to right away. You do not need an appointment.

  • After hours you can call the Crisis Line at any time to talk with a trained professional.

  • Please go to In Crisis Now? On our website for other services if you are in urgent need, or call the Far West office during business hours.


From all of us at Far West, wish you all the best,

Diana Nielsen and Katie Frisbie

Owners of Far West Family Services



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