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Winter 2022 Newsletter
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Are you experiencing something beyond burnout and overwhelm? Perhaps it's secondary trauma.  This chart from the  Trauma Stewardship Institute will help you identify the signs.

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These days, there is much discussion about the compounding mental health challenges brought on by the pandemic. Perhaps teens have been hit the hardest.


We have become a society obsessed with normal vs abnormal behavior. And if we are always looking for what is wrong, we will surely find it.

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What's the word we're looking for  in a time of exhaustion, one more  COVID variant, and burn-out?

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Follow these coping skills to better manage panic attacks and high anxiety.

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Make yourself feel better through these simple hacks to release hormones that will make you naturally feel better.

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It is easy to minimize secondary trauma or its cousin compassion fatigue. We tend to think, “Others have it worse than me. My experience isn’t as bad.” Or is it?

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Anxiety has plagued so many adults, teens and kids during the ongoing pandemic. Learn some helpful tools for managing anxiety.

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Guide for parents with questions about ADHD.

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7 tips on how to improve how you respond to tough life situations. Through COVID and beyond.

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Guilt shows up daily in lots of little ways and it is exhausting. Especially if we think we should be some kind of superhero and rise above all the challenges of COVID with brilliance, creativity, and accolades.

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If stress and anxiety have taken root in your body, with tension, aches, or stomach discomfort, these release techniques might help you let go and find more calm.

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Most young people who talk about taking an overdose of Tylenol or Ibuprofen have no idea what that really means. It may not take their life, but it can do serious long term harm.

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In our culture we have learned to live with high levels of stress and tension in our bodies—and now with COVID these physical and emotional responses are even greater. Resmaa Menakem gives us a different way to relieve our bodies of the tension we hold.


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