Far West Family Services EAP

Call 206-682-8149 or 1-800-398-3440

Your mental health is very important during times of crisis and upheaval of normal day-to-day routines. Please take advantage of our mental health counseling services if you are struggling from depression, anxiety or too much stress. Far West is here for you during this challenging time.


Tele-counseling This information is for in-house office appointments only. Please check with your Affiliate counselor working from their own private office--they may be using another protocol. How to prepare for your video counseling session: All you need for your counseling session is a private location and a cellphone or laptop. Before your session, you need to download the app for Zoom on your phone or laptop. Your counselor will text or email you a link before the start of your session. We will use the cell number or email address that we have on file. If you need to change that, let your counselor or the office know. Click the link provided through the text or email. It will open your video session. Click on "allow internet audio". If you want to do a test run, call the office and we will be happy to do that with you. 206-682-8149. And please be patient if things don't roll as expected the first time! We're doing our best to make this as fluid and easy as possible! Voice Only Session If you do not want to use video counseling you may opt for voice only using the number you have provided us. Cancel a session If you prefer to cancel your session, as a courtesy to your counselor and other clients, please cancel your session at least 24 hours ahead. Sessions canceled within 24 hours will still be counted as one of your sessions, unless deemed an emergency. Thank you for your cooperation These are very uncertain times, and we hope to be your place of calm in the storm. We look forward to seeing you.