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The Forecaster


Far West Family Services publishes a quarterly newsletter geared toward helping you develop the tools you need to live a happier, healthier life. Click on the newsletter image to download the PDF for each issue.



Fall 2020

  • Welcome
  • Forecast on Mental Health Issues for the Next Three Months
  • Feeling Too Much Anxiety?
  • Coping with Panic Attacks
  • September is Suicide Prevention Month




Winter 2020

  • Belonging
  • The Dysregulated Child
  • Relationship Conflict 101
  • What Your Child Wants from Mom
  • and Dad in a Divorce




Fall 2019

Inside this issue:

  • You Are Not Alone
  • Plan the Holidays You Would Like to Have
  • Environmental Doom
  • Millennials in the Workplace
  • To the Person Who Uses Metal Straws
  • How Can You Restore Someone's Trust in You?



Spring 2019

Inside this issue:

  • Taming Your Inner Critic
  • Loving the Hurting Parts
  • The Hidden Dangers of Brooding & Ruminating
  • 15-minute Worry Time for Kids
  • 4 Mantras to Improve Body Image
  • How Negative thoughts Relate to Procrastination




Winter 2019

Inside this issue:

  • What About Joy?
  • Goodness
  • Kindness
  • Awe & Wonder
  • Gratitude