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"Fulfilled life is possible in spite of unfulfilled wishes." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Is Counseling for You?


At one time or another, most people will find themselves in a situation where they could benefit from the services of a trained therapist in order to cope with a challenging life issue or transition. However, some people feel uncomfortable asking for help or feel wary of counseling. But at times when friends and family aren’t enough to solve a problem or cope with grief, anger, or depression, professional help can make the difference in how you cope, move forward, and resolve internal conflicts.


At Far West, we consider it a sign of strength to get help. You are in charge of your life, and if you feel that your problems or those of your family members are interfering with your ability to function at your very best at work or at home, it is time to get help. The sooner you start working on things, the sooner you will start feeling better and managing your life and your relationships better.


Some of the many issues we can help with are listed below. For more information on these topics, go to HelpGuide.org for educational resources.

•  Family counseling and parenting

•  Marriage/primary relationship

•  Divorce

•  Drugs and alcohol

•  Depression

•  Anxiety and panic

•  Anger management

•  Workplace issues

•  Transition and change

•  Retirement adjustment

•  Thoughts of violence toward self or others

•  Gay and lesbian issues

•  Grief and loss

•  Suicidal thoughts

•  Workplace tragedy

•  Life coaching

•  Coping with illness

      •   cancer, chronic pain, long-term effects of injury, etc.

•  Aging parents

•  Post-partum depression

•  Children

•  ADHD, troubles at school, anger management, depression, suicide, issues over divorce or death

•  Youth and young adults

•  anger, depression, alcohol and drugs, suicide, violence, apathy, underachievement, rebellion, poor grades