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Organizational Services for Employers


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"I want to thank you for your help on site and your proactive  practical support – the handouts, letters, etc. – these things helped me to deal with a sudden and unexpected tragedy in our school and allowed me to provide the type of leadership for our school community that I knew had to happen. I appreciate your patience and sensitivity to my own grieving process."

        Principal, Northshore School District



On-site Crisis Response Services


Far West Family Services will provide trained professional assistance on-site when tragedy strikes that impacts your workplace. We offer support to your employees as well as to those managing the crisis event. Additionally, we can assist you with planning for future tragedies that may impact you and your employees to ensure that you have a complete and effective crisis response plan. Helping employees understand and work through grief and trauma in a healthy way will help ensure a stable and productive workforce.


Drug-Free Workplace Program Support


Far West Family Services EAP counselors are trained to help you maintain your drug-free workplace policies. We can work with employees who self-refer for assistance or those who are required to seek help to avoid disciplinary action as a result of poor performance, a workplace accident, or a positive drug test. Far West can also help you develop your drug-free workplace policy if you do not already have one in effect.


Management/Administrator Consultation


Managers and administrators carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. Our EAP services will help you work with emotionally fragile, hostile, or ineffective employees. If you should have an employee in your office who is in crisis or highly emotional, call us so we can help you determine whether he/she is safe or at risk of harming him/herself or another person. We have counselors available to help with that assessment 24 hours a day.


Employer Referrals


If you have an employee who is behaving inappropriately in the workplace or is having performance problems related to personal difficulties or drug and alcohol issues, Far West can help. By referring seriously troubled employees for counseling prior to terminating their employment, you may be able to help them become productive again. This saves your company the time and expense of hiring and training a new employee and may reduce the risk of a lawsuit. The Far West counselor, with the signed consent of the employee, will keep you informed of his/her treatment participation, compliance, and progress. Go to Forms to download the Authorization Form to disclose personal information.


Specialized Training Presentations/Workshops


To help meet your employee needs, we will also provide on-site classes or workshops tailored to the issues facing your workforce. These special on-site training events can be on the mental health topic of your choice and can be customized for the needs and schedule of your staff. Trainings may require an additional fee, depending upon the specific service provided. All Employee Assistance Overview trainings are provided at no cost.